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Butterfly Boggy Babbies by on @DeviantArt

Butterfly Boggy Babbies by on @DeviantArt

broke my Strange Magic block lol Butterfly Bog adorable, heart melting lofeliness~ I figured it was about time I jump on the Bog and Marianne with baby train I am SO going to color this.

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Omg okay you guys know I can never just draw *one* piece of fanart so HEY have some more insect bae love. (Sorry, I meant 'insect bae lofe' ) . Strange Magic: Festival of Lofe


So I fell face-first into the Strange Magic fandom, and I haven& even had the opportunity to see.

Naptime by LadyoftheGeneral on DeviantArt

A rather tired Marianne and Bog take a much-needed nap with their three little bugs, Rowan and Roman and Lilianna.

Roland Does Not Ship It

AU Where Marianne is the one who gets caught in the crumbling wreckage of Bog’s Castle.