Mark (awkwardbear)

Mark (awkwardbear)

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Mark (awkwardbear)
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sonny movie - Szukaj w Google

sonny movie - Szukaj w Google

Il racconto dei racconti (2015) - Plakaty - Filmweb

TALE OF TALES Poster - running at the Fantasy Movie Festival 2015 Germany - starring Salma Hayek - kulturmaterial

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10 Best Thanksgiving Movies to Watch this Holiday season: What better way to celebrate the holidays with your family than a good old-fashioned movie night.

Constans (1980) - Plakaty - Filmweb

The Constant Factor

Gus Van Sant's take on the last few days of Kurt Cobain's life. Not a documentary, but interesting and beautifully shot, nevertheless. A must see if you're a fan of Indie movies, Nirvana and/or Michael Pitt.

Directed by Gus Van Sant. With Michael Pitt, Lukas Haas, Asia Argento, Scott Patrick Green. A Seattle-set rock & roll drama about a musician whose life and career is reminiscent of Kurt Cobain's.

Charlotte Vauvillier : Apartment in Paris

This is the home of young interior designer Charlotte Vauvillier. In her tiny Parisian flat, the designer has done a clean and modern renovation, furnished with some carefully-handpicked mid-century pieces and finely-executed made-to-measure furniture.