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80 Impossibly Pretty And Understated Tattoos Every Girl Will Fall In Love With

What is it with all these stupid "EVERY GIRL" tattoo lines? Some of these are quite charming, but it makes my inner feminist revolt.

Kimsooja's Room of Rainbows in Crystal Palace Buen Retiro Park, Madrid Spain

PalacIo de Cristal, Madrid - Spain - A Reflective Palace Of Rainbows, 2006 The Palacio de Cristal was originally built in the late in Madrid, Spain. In 2006 artist Kimsooja transformed it into this rainbow reflecting palace.

Brown ink world map tattoo...loving the brown ink on the wrist, I would definitely get one of these very cool

Brown ink world map tattoo.this would be awesome with your home state! I would do Colorado! Then I wouldn't get in trouble for getting a tattoo because it looks like a birthmark! :-) love the brown ink