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Yuki - Vampire Knight

Yuki Cross/Kuran from Vampire Knight. I totally love her gothic outfit and…

Kaname and Yuki - I ship it!

Vampire Knight Yuuki Cross and Kaname Kuran

I just cannot believe it. I found the thing that's been missing all my life.

The lower belly. That damned lower belly, what a pain

GUIDE: COLOR COMBOS ~~ "Color and Shade: What Color Can Do For Your Project" from Raleigh Tile at http://raleightileblog.wordpress.com/

Artists and design experts know that triad colours work together in harmony. Triad colour scheme works by showing people the opposite colours on the wheel work together to make all the colours stand out.

The biggest Astronomy events of 2016

The biggest Astronomy events of 2016 Lokakuun 7 tapahtuu jotakin jännää.

Matsuri Hino, Vampire Knight, Yuuki Cross, Kaname Kuran

Kaname and Yuuki

The Twelve Kingdoms Youko

The Twelve Kingdoms Youko

Anime recommendations for everyone

Anime recommendations ~Pretty good list if you're a beginner looking for something to suit your taste

Jon Snow and Ghost ~ Game of Thrones Fan Art

Картинка с тегом «game of thrones, jon snow, and art


by luleiya on DeviantArt CLAMP, Sunrise