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(Girl needed) They said i was a cruel man...heh...they don't know what I've been through...the pain, the fear...i watched as a little girl came in. She looked only about 17...this one was lovely, and striking...but...her eyes, they were the most striking. One a beautiful pale husky blue, the other a wild, vibrant red...i fell in love at first sight, but that was ridiculous, I'd given up on that long ago...

I was his slave, he was my master. I hated calling him that but I was his favorite. I sat in the chair as he fucks one of his usual sex ladies. They take her out and he licks his lips. I looked at my lap. I was very innocent and pure, I played with my hai

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ADOPTED This is Vincent, he is a vampire and often spends his time in his house playing on his games and such, hes one of the hottest guys in his school but he doesn't care for girls much and if he does then ur the lucky girl