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I'm cute, I'm furry, and I'm the best rogue in the gild!
Teddy Vinci
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The Tano Giant was seen in the Gold Coast sometime before 1911. It was described as a "white ape of extroardinary stature" that was "past all men" in size. It's arms alone were reportedly as thick as a man. The skin was described as being white, but the hair was black. The head was flattened and oddly described as being the size of a large monkey's. The mouth was monkey-like and had big teeth

John Carter - Character Design and Concept Art by Michael Kutsche, via Behance (rabbit concept)-there were some beautiful creature designs and fx in this movie.

fantasyartwatch: “ Dragon Hunting by Zhengyi Yang ” Some inspirational art for gaming. Make sure to check out the artist’s page.

This pin represents Wiglaf's hobby of slaying dragons or in his case helping to slay a dragon. Wiglaf helps Beowulf slay the dragon. He enjoys helping Beowulf kill monsters.

This quiz is about which historical dragon you would be!

Prehistoric Dragons 2 by IRIRIV on deviantART. // If dragons evolved from dinosaurs.or vice versa :)