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My favoritism toward redheads is easy to see, but plenty of blondes and brunettes show up too. Majority nudes, including some more explicit.

Jen Selter. Amazing Asset.

Amazing bumps award goes to JEN SELTER! My friend Nikki came over yesterday and we were talking about working out. She asked if I had ever seen Jen Selter and showed me this buns workout .

Jen Selter

Squats are a productive exercise that gives you results quickly and you can do it easy in your home. Squats work on buttocks, belly, spine and legs.

Jen Selter

We've posted pics of Jen Selter's phenomenal perfect butt before, but some felt it was all a fake. Her selfies of her butt have not only propelled her to Internet fame, it'll also sort of inspire you to work out.