Blue tourmaline

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Locality" Tantara Mine, Kakounde, Likasi, Shaba Congo D.R. Size: Specimen is 1.2 inches tall.

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Brilliant Violet Vesuvianite var. Manganoan

These come from the now-defunct Jeffrey Mine in Canada, which once was the largest asbestos producer in North America, I think. The color on this piece is amazing! Most are green, from here. The few that are purple, tend to be lavender colored or mixed with green tones. The brilliant glassy luster and deep purple color of this piece set it on a level apart from most (and ANY mn-vesuvianite is quite rare, really). Although the photos are good, the piece is actually quite a bit better and more…

Beautiful Bismuth, Digital, 2000x2500px

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A Small Gallery of Minerals and Crystals

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Chinese Minerals

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Magnetite from In den Dellen quarries, Laacher See. Image width: 2 mm. Collection: Willi Schüller, Adenau. Photo: Fred Kruijen Copyright © Fred Kruijen


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Pietersite Crystal Egg

Agate Crystal Egg


Natural Raw Black Tourmaline Crystal. (Schorl Crystal) 9.5 oz.

Natural Raw Black Tourmaline Crystal. (Schorl Crystal) Very nice powerful piece of black Tourmaline. Approx. 4.1 x 1.4 x 1.25 inches. Weight: 9.5 oz. 📹 Video on Pinterest: Tourmaline may have some flaking as it is a raw natural crystal. Follow us on Instagram: Please take a look at the rest of my listings here:

Rutilated Quartz

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