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Posture Tip No.6 Be sure to monitor your eyesight and correct where necessary - this is one more way to avoid a curved upper back and neck muscle stiffness. Find out our Posture Improving Guide at

The Spine stretch: Zombie Style Stand tall with your feet hip-width apart. Inhale and lift your arms forward (parallel to the floor). Keeping your abdominals engaged, exhale as you lengthen your spine to curve forward. More at

Posture Tip No.6 Try sleeping on your side with a neck support and with a pillow between your legs. Treat yourself to a high-quality orthopedic mattress and sleep your way to fantastic posture. More easy to follow posture tips - at

Posture improving exercises to do with kids. Get all exercises and tips for correct posture at

You want to know, what is the ultimate truth about correct posture? All talks about it are soo boring! Yup, seriously. Except for this A Non-Yawn Inducing Guide On How To Improve Posture. Look for it at

The Posture Fact No.5 Good posture is not only for ballet dancers. YOU CAN HAVE IT TOO. All of the posture correcting exercises below are quite gentle and reminiscent of a soft massage. Because what you really want is to be upright and relaxed, don't you? You can even improve your posture while sleeping, or leaning back and forth on your chair (though this kind of joyful exercise is sometimes filled with hidden surprises, so be careful). Find all posture exercises and videos at

Posture Improvement Tip No.3 Wear shoes with low heels and good arch support. Variety is a deal maker here. Changing from sneakers to classy shoes, from slippers to stilettos (the last one is for girls only, obviously) will make you ankle muscles work and prevent bad posture. Check out all tips and posture exercises at

Posture Tip No.5 Become your own personal weightwatcher. Obesity burdens the spinal column, especially in the lower back, and suppresses normal bloodflow, provoking incorrect posture. Find out more about correct posture at

A Posture improving exercise to do with kids. Get all exercises for correct posture at

Posture Improvement Tip No.7 Move smartly. If you sit a lot, get up and move around occasionally. No matter when the deadline for your life changing project is, take stretching breaks. Be sure to exercise. Actually, try to get ANY kind of physical activity. Learn more about good posture at