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nostalgia What would the be without an overhead projector

Before smart boards

Welcome to the Memory Lane Gallery! Take a trip down memory lane with these wonderful images that will bring you back to your childhood days and have you

Tops from Pop cans / soda cans! And you had to be be careful because they were so sharp & would cut you.

16 Things Pizza Hut Had Growing Up That You Forgot About But Will Instantly Remember

Going to Pizza Hut with the family when I was little. The smell was so good. It doesn't taste the same.

Sesame Street house shoes - I had the big bird. 90s Childhood, My Childhood Memories, Sweet Memories, Vintage Toys, Retro Vintage, Vintage Stuff, Before I Forget, School Memories, 80s Kids

drew's grooveland

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I remember these! You open them and a head, arms, and legs could be lifted out to form a little doll!

Sweet secrets.

Hot Wheels Service Center Remember When

Remember the Magic Wiggle Worm? You attached the clear plastic thread coming from its nose to your shirt button, then ran your hands under it so it appeared to be racing across your fingers. It could appear very animated.

Remember ......70s toys! YES! I had one of these!

Thumb sucker - OMG forgot all about this too. It has a rubber thumb for a cover, I think. I also remember that it had a wax base that was disgusting.

Hillary Buckholtz Remembers 80s Snacks

The nostalgic creator behind the I'm Remembering! Tumblr blog shares some of the best OOC snack foods from the yesteryear. Her personal favorite? A thumb-shaped lollipop covered in a layer of gum. Sadly, Buckholtz hasn't had much luck tracking down this product so hit her up if you have any information on it. Some of Buckholtz's other faves below: PB Crisps Fruity Marshmallow Krispies Giggles Ecto Cooler Orange Juice Bubble Gum With ersatz junk foods like thumb lollipops and orange juice…

Remember getting Orange Juice Bubble Gum whenever we went to Toys R Us at the mall.

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Land before time toys from pizza hut! Little Foot, Ducky, Sara, and Peatree! 90s Toys, Retro Toys, Vintage Toys, Toys Land, 80s Kids, Ol Days, My Childhood Memories, The Good Old Days, My Children

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