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a drawing of a man on a skateboard
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an anime poster with many characters and chains hanging from it's sides, including two men
A paixão de Araki pela arte Greco-romana fez com que ele tentasse desenhar/construir personagens que estivesse dentro daquele ideal de beleza.
an image of a man dressed in green
a drawing of a man sitting on top of a chair
Recopilacion de imagenes, momazos y demas cosas de JJBA 1
¿quieres ver imagenes de JJBA?, ¿quieres ver momazos y demas cosas?, … #detodo # De Todo # amreading # books # wattpad
a painting of two people with their arms around each other
画像 : クリエイティブすぎるジョジョの壁紙アート [荒木飛呂彦] - NAVER まとめ
画像 : クリエイティブすぎるジョジョの壁紙アート [荒木飛呂彦] - NAVER まとめ
an anime character riding on top of a yellow object with blue and purple spray paint
Viviendo Jojo
an image of many cartoon characters in black and white
★The mistakes of our past★
an image of many different colored eyes
Some eyes of some normal kiddos - Jonathan Joestar - Joseph Joestar - Jotaro Kujo - Josuke Higashikata - Giorno Giovanna - Jolyne Kujo - Johnny Joestar - Josuke Higashikata (8) - JJBA
an image of some cartoon characters together
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure : Diamond Is Not Crash
a drawing of a woman with purple hair and jewelry on her arm, wearing a pink hat
あこの on X
あこの en Twitter: "アプリでの4部読破記念と、仗助くんお誕生日期間に間に合ったのでクレイジー💎の指輪でお祝い!!☮️💟おめでとー🎉🎉 #東方仗助生誕祭2018… "