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Tomek Chistowski

Tomek Chistowski
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Tattoo, bird, phoenix, sleeve tattoo

Top half of a Phoenix tattoo leg sleeve - Chronic Ink Tattoos Something like this would be great. Although, I would like for they next tattoo to be very colorful since my other tattoos aren't colorful at all.

clock and rose tattoo

Make the watch a compass, move the rose up and have the key dangle a bit below the rose. Compass starting at shoulder and key ending about two inches above elbow. Dylan inscribed on compass. Rachel on feather, Breanna on rose and Addy on key.

Tattoo Sleeve absolute favorite!!!

Naked with tattoos. Sexy hot girls with tattoos.Naked girls with tattoos. Sexy hot girls with tattoos. Hot tattoos on sexy women.


feminine-phoenix-tattoo-on-arm. Cool variation on the phoenix with lace detail. I like how there is black and white detailing along with color.Emblazened red feathers gives nice burning effect

. #tattoo

AMAZING nautical tattoo by Duke Riley at East River Tattoo. Love the little details that you miss at first (the whale, sea monster, patterns design

Iain Macarther illustration tattooed by Ivan Dementev in Russia.

Realistic Leonidas portait by Karol Rybakowski from Ink-Ognito - a tattoo artist for only two years (not mine, sadly).