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I’ve been thinking a lot about the concept of Small House Living recently. My blogging friend, Lori, has shared about their family’s fairly radical decision to downsize to an RV and travel around the country as a family. This in …

The “Wind River Bungalow” is the Chattanooga, Tennessee, home of tiny house enthusiasts Travis and Brittany Pyke, who started Wind River Custom Homes to help others fulfill their dreams of living simply in mini dream homes. from Country Living

Стол Salcombe от дизайнера John Lee

The Salcombe Table - Irish furniture designer John Lee is a fan of furniture that flows. His newest design, The Salcombe Table, is full of intricate openings that allow.

Dapto Anglican Church Auditorium / Silvester Fuller

Built by Silvester Fuller in Dapto, Australia with date Images by Martin van der Wal. Silvester Fuller’s Dapto Anglican Church Auditorium is the first of a new generation of buildings for the Anglican Pa.