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Puttees are strips of cloth wrapped around the leg between the trousers and the boot. They were made to keep the soldiers legs warm, and to prevent anything from catching the trouser leg. During the first world war they were placed quite high up the leg, but they became shorter with time. http://www.aef-doughboys.com/leggings.html

woolwrap puttees Canadian War Memorial in Ottawa, showing soliders wearing Puttees 'Tommys' distinctly wearing puttees, photographed 1917 First Stage of fitting Puttees Second Stage of Fitting Puttees Third Stage of Fitting Puttees Fourth.

Examples of Propaganda from WW1 | British WW1 Propaganda Posters

World War I British recruitment poster showing a soldier asking others to join Original title Soldier beckoning Poster .

German World War 1 Army Uniform.

This is the sort of uniform a German Soldier would have worn during notice the flowers in his jacket, family and friends would give them to the men when they left for war.