How to Clean and Polish Seashells

How to Clean and Polish Seashells

Seashells can be used as accessories in your home, but they must be cleaned properly first. You must remove all sand, dirt, and other yucky stuff before putting them on display. Here are the steps for how to clean and polish seashell.


I just keep thinking about the colors in driftwood as my inspiration. Driftwood art work, like this, would be an awesome touch.” Driftwood mounted onto wood. No paint added.

Beaded sea shell ornaments.

Sea shell craft idea (shells, beads, string, perhaps add a sun catcher)

Swirl Rock garden!

swirls garden path - neat page with tons of pictures, site is in Russian.

Pentagram - make your own pentagram and decorate it as a beautiful, protective ornament for the Wiccan in your life.

Pentacles aren't satanic they're pagan. The five points represent the five elements: water, air, fire, earth and spirit. The circle represents unity amongst them. No devils or demons!


Crystal wands for the crystal witch.the azure wand is especially nice.