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Speeding Drawing Defender Strange|Doctor Strange 2
Speeding Drawing Defender Strange|Doctor Strange 2
an image of a man sitting in a chair
professor xavier
a painting of an old man with white hair and beard
Sir Ian McKellen as Gandalf - Oil Painting
💫Fresh off the easel - A delicious coastal wildflower piece with tons of palette knife texture. 😃🙌 I kept it loose and dreamy, with more color and texture in the foreground, which gives it depth and impact. ⚡️ This piece is 20x30” in oil and will be available on my site after some dry time, along with the release of my Spring flower collection. 🌼🌼🌼 #wildflowerpainting #coastallandscape #contemporaryimpressionism #deepimpasto #paletteknifeart #californiaart
a woman sitting on top of a fountain surrounded by flowers and lily pads, with the sun above her
The Empress Tarot Card Meaning
Discover the Empress tarot card meaning, a symbol of nurturing, abundance, and femininity. Learn how it influences all aspects of your life!https://centerspirited.com/tarot/empress-card-meaning/
a jellyfish is floating in the water
a painting of a lit candle on top of a piece of wood
Everyday Magic, Harkalé Linaï
ArtStation - Everyday Magic, Harkalé Linaï