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a snowman holding a sign that says take me to great
Warmer Weather in the Forecast
a spiral notebook with an intricate design on the cover and some tassels hanging from it
Sketchbook : Quickie Floral Doodles
Inspired by the below artwork by ashleyinzer on flicker these floral doodles are just quickie doodles during TV time with my husband.. Or while he plays xbox and I just sit beside.. No desire to b...
the diagram shows how to use different types of lines in each section of the paper
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the floral doodles are hand drawn and ready to be used in your project or design
Doodle Diversos - Traços - Bordas - Riscos - Preto e Branco - Rabiscos - Margens
a handwritten poster with the words, how to be a better person and what to do
Intro To Hand Lettering - Made By Marzipan
Intro To Hand Lettering