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Japanese Dragon Male Stomach Tattoos

Lower, side and cute stomach tattoo designs for girls, and Stomach Tattoo Ideas for Men with words. Get inspired with these beautiful stomach tattoos.

I’ve talked about this before, but I absolutely love the daruma doll. You see it in tattooing here and there, but not often enough for how cool they are. If you’re interested in knowing more about the daruma doll, click here. Tattoo by Troy Slack at Frontyard Tattoo in Mt Barker, South Australia

The Daruma Doll - wishing doll, good luck doll, 'goal doll' - they are given as gifts with no eyes. You paint one eye when you have a goal you have in mind then paint the other eye once you have achieved your goal.

Yallzee’s Tattoo of the day by Henrik Grysbjerg

Yallzee’s Tattoo of the day by Henrik Grysbjerg

Chest piece by @gen_biscuit is todays Yallzee's tattoo of the day! #ink #inked #inkedmag #chestpiece #tattoo #yallzee #chest

in both American Traditional tattooing and black and grey tattooing there is one image that dominates over all others—the skull. In Japanese tattooing there are some skulls, but the real equivalent.

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