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a bottle and stack of coins on a white background with black outline, in the foreground
Beauty free icons designed by Nikita Golubev
a drawing of a crop top and plaid shorts
Toca boca verde
an image of cosmetics and beauty products with the words, mama chany give credits
Kit de cosméticos
an illustration of a blue dress with white trim
Для Уточки
a white board with various items cut out on it's sides and in the middle
Paper Origami Duck Step by Step
a drawing of an animal's head with pink feet
a pink shirt and shorts with bunny ears on it
Cute paper duck outfit! (I do not own any of the photos shown in this pin)
the cut outs are all different shapes and sizes
Paper duck utensils
an image of a paper cutout with flowers and plants on it's side
Aesthic rzeczy do pokoju dla paper duck
a hand that has some kind of cake on it's palm and is decorated with snowflakes
Одежда для уточек
the paper doll is made up of various items
Paper duck make up green
someone is holding up a sticker that looks like a teddy bear with a bow on its head
a cartoon bear with glasses and overalls
a piece of paper that is shaped like a purse
7.00 zł
someone holding up a cell phone with an image of a cartoon character on it
Patito de papel ropa
an image of a cartoon character on the wall
вещи для утят
a person is holding up a box of food with bananas on it's wrapper
a green sweatshirt with the words i am frog written on it and an image of a sleeping animal
Toca Boca için kıyafet
a drawing of a cow with its tongue out on a piece of paper that is taped to the wall
a drawing of a cat wearing a pink shirt and standing in front of a white background