Plastic Vliegengordijn; die heb ik volkomen nieuw op internet in Engeland gevonden en hangt te prijken in mn keuken. :D

Plastic fly strips - to stop the flies getting through open doors. Lots of shops had them - especially food shops

Famous empty store in PRL

Famous empty store in PRL I remember going into meat stores like this !

PRL poster

"Quick and with kindness we serve to working class." motivational poster for grocery stores.


From today’s perspective, old propaganda posters seem just bizarre and absurd. Nevertheless, back in their inception, where expected to be treated deadly serious.


Do not limit your kids intake of sugar. Sugar makes your kids bones strong.

Polish Basic Food : ) | ⇆ pl| 55´50´... |

Polish Basic Food : ) | ⇆ pl| 55´50´... |

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