Katarzyna Szade-Siedlecka

Katarzyna Szade-Siedlecka

Katarzyna Szade-Siedlecka
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Uh huh!

Welcome to Texas - Don't Mess With Texas - Our citizens have concealed weapons. If you kill someone we will kill you back. We enjoy gun fights - it's a Texas tradition. We have 120 prisons - enjoy your stay.

"Go ahead drink and drive" sign

The asshole who chose to drink and drive, put my brother in the morgue. Someone who never drank or did drugs in his life, killed by a selfish 3 time drunk driving offender. If u drink in drive, f*ck u!

NO  Way  !!!

Too funny - I particularly like the low flying aircraft sign. Thanks for sharing a bit of humor. RevLady - I worked in advertising in the early eighties and the stuff.

I love when the Night Vale fandom pops up out of nowhere.

Attention: floor has been moved to floor. Also, Wednesday has been cancelled due to scheduling errors. haha that last pic. :) cosmo- "I thought you said feather" Welcome to NightVale