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I realized I drew Papyrus going on a walk with Little Pup and UF!Papyrus going on a walk with Bunny…so why not complete the set with US!Papyrus going on a walk with Ham Ham! Though I imagine he’d have to take US!Sans along, and he’d want that latest.

How GZ papyrus wear his scarf by on @DeviantArt

I’m actually trying to re-design papyrus scarf(because i felt like his scarf doens’t make sense at all xD so here’s the logic version . How GZ papyrus wear his scarf

(Any) Sans/Papyrus X Reader Oneshots - US pap x shy reader - Wattpad

It’s finally done, Sorry but i love so much the original gif xDD omg i see your comic of Papy kill sans when he hug him at the same time i animated this ;

Happy (belated) Fathers day by TheBombDiggity666

This is a trade with featuring her version of Gaster and her OC "Arial" fro. Art trade for NiuniuNuko- Gaster and Arial

I just draw some comics : Photo

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