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Alternaria has beak shaped conidia that line up in a train, making it very identifiable. Each individual conidia is muriform, meaning that its crosswalls, or septations, divide the conidia into irregular septations

WZL001 Penicillium sp. WZL002 Nigrospora sp. WZL003 Alternaria sp. WZL004 Aspergillus sp. WZL005 Aspergillus sp. WZL006 Nectria sp. WZL007 Cladosporium sp. WZL008 Hypocrea sp. WZL009 Cladosporium sp. WZL010 Aspergillus sp. WZL011 Cladosporium sp. WZL012 Penicillium sp. WZL013 Aspergillus sp. WZL014 Aspergillus sp. WZL015 Cladosporium sp. WZL016 Cladosporium sp. WZL017 Penicillium sp. WZL018 Penicillium sp.

A study "found that a “high-corn-oil diet strongly stimulates mammary tumorigenesis.” #cornfree #breastcancer