Champagne - suitable for autumn soft, subdued years, a real summer, gentle summer, gentle spring. Perhaps the real fall.


Khaki - suitable for a true summer, soft summer, soft autumn, the true autumn, dark autumn. Perhaps for dark winter.


Cognac - suitable for pure winter, real winter, intensive winter, a real summer toned years. Perhaps the intense fall.


Alabaster - suitable for a real summer, summer toned, toned autumn. Perhaps for a gentle years.

olivia wilde - prawdziwe lato

olivia wilde - prawdziwe lato/TRUE COOL SUMMER - great advice how to recognise true/cool summer, what colours, make up and jewlery to choose - in polish


ebonyEbony - the color of the darkest wood. It is said ebony black, and in fact resembles the color of dark brown. In English the word "ebony" refers to a dark shade of human skin.

szarości we wnętrzach

Seasonal Colour Analysis - seasonal colours in interior design - Cool / True Summer