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a comic strip about collecting my thoughts
Joanne Guidoccio
two paintings of people walking down a road in front of a yellow hill with trees
icebergs floating in the water with blue sky and clouds above them, as if they were drawing
Kevin Lucbert
blue and white watercolors with trees, bushes and plants
an open book with drawings on it and the pages opened to reveal a drawing of a cat's eye
a comic strip with an image of a man playing guitar
The Scriberia sketchnote depository — Scriberia
an image of two monsters attacking each other
Best of Tokyo
Anna and the Juniper Dog. Illustrations by Rohan Daniel Eason.
a comic strip with two people talking to each other and one person holding a cell phone
an illustrated poster with different types of things on it
yumi sakugawa :: illustrations + comics
Every full moon, the moon sends a teardrop of itself into your sleeping ear so that it can trace every wrinkle of your brain and pass through all four chambers of your heart. – Yumi Sakugawa
a man standing in front of a mirror with his hand up to the side and another person holding a wine glass
Character design - abstract comic
a drawing of a person sitting in the grass with a pumpkin
Trevor Henderson on Twitter
a man walking down a spiral staircase with bookshelves in the background, black and white
BD 9
"Marc Antoine MATHIEU en 1993 dans 'Le Processus' fera chuter Julius Corentin Acquefacques d'une des plus belles bibliothèques de la bande dessinée"