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caΕ‚y Ε›wiat 🌍
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Stunning x

Stunning x


A Disney version?

it's all okay tattoo

the place to be for tiny tattoo inspiration if you want us to see your tiny tattoo, tag it with 'tinytattoos'

Jamie's eye in a time piece

tear drop turns into the clock

Image result for stairs to clock tattoo

Heaven of time tattoo

Confira linhas finas e delicadas que formam desenhos suaves.

*β˜†Β°~Angels will fly to the moon~Β°β˜†*

pinterest: @kindlycassandra β˜†β˜½   this is 100% going to be my next tattoo holy shit i love this

kinaiwong:Stick and Poke tattoo I did on also my body my rules

( follow if saving )PINTEREST: LOLMYV0GUE

Moon and sun small tattoo middle back.


Can you see the skull in this Ink Spot tattoo? Idea for Wylie

ok so I love the fading if this

Black Ravens & Trees tattoo of wrist and forearm.