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two wooden ornaments with animals on them and some twine spools next to it
Wooden slices
One of my favorite thing about Autumn is painting the traditional wooden slices. I enjoy taking the time to sketch, slowly thinking about the colour palettes and painting the slices. It’s a very soothing process, I always put lots of care in it
a basket filled with stuffed animals on top of a bed next to a striped blanket
two white teddy bears with knitted hats and scarves are sitting on the floor
Мастерская народной куклы. Запись со стены.
a group of stuffed animals hanging from a string
two different images of an animal made out of clay and paper with wings on them
cat paw chair socks free crochet pattern
5 Chair Socks Crochet to Protect Your Floors Free Patterns
a stuffed animal with a scarf around it's neck next to a pine cone
PepitaCalabaza - Etsy
two hand embroidered hoop purses with leaves and mushrooms on them, one being held by a woman's hand
Woodland Embroidery Pattern Duo. Beginner Embroidery. PDF Embroidery Pattern. Autumn Embroidery Pattern. Embroidery Pattern. Woodland Wreath - Etsy Canada