Illustrator Speedart: Mix Nation Logo design by Swerve™

Graphic design: Flat design Logo for "Mix Nation" Design concept: I chose to go with a candy cadbury feel with the colour and flow.

Flat design Tutorial: Space, Galaxy & Planets by Swerve™

Illustrator tutorial: In this video, I show you how to design the planets used in Nina Geometrieva's meteor space Illustration, hope you enjoy.

Illustrator Tutorial: Flat design avatar by Swerve™

Using Flat design i will be showing you how to design an character avatar from scratch. This is part one so i'll be showing you how to design the eyes, stay.

Illustrator tutorial: Flat design cartoon text by Swerve™

Graphic design tutorial: In this tutorial, i show you you how you can use flat design to create cartoon text that stands out.