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which side are you?

Greeks and Romans. Seven Half Bloods shall answer the call To storm or fire the world must fall An oath to keep a final breath And foes bear arms to the doors of death

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They my have died heroes but why did they have to die! Because good old Rick wanted us all to cry like little babies.

Annabeth.. Have you seen my Percy?

Have you seen her percy?this is so cute also I saw a children's book like this but with a hat instead of Percy

harry potter

i-wakeupstrange: nathanielemmett: Some FREAKING AWESOME Harry Potter fan art of the marauders creating the map and Fred and George later discovering it. i just want everyone to remember that out of these six people only one is alive

I'm still attached to the old covers, but these are amazing!

This is the famous Percy Jackson 5 books. As this books are well known the designer made the book even better. The designer made this 5 as a series by connecting the front cover and the side cover, forming one whole image