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Suzy Lukasiewicz
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Harry Potter Themed Christmas Tree Decorated by Kathryn Burnett Creates Magic

Harry Potter Wreath - DIY - Expecto Patronum

Harry Potter Wreath - DIY - Expecto Patronum

Família, 1980 Por: Leninha

The marauders, happy as they should be

Harry Potter Ron Weasley Hermione Granger: year 5 ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring…

Image detail for -Harry, Ron and Hermione - Harry Potter Photo - Fanpop .

Daddy Ron's nightmare come true. Haha! Scorp/Rose

Scorose (Scorpius x Rose) by nymre on DeviantArt

I did not know luna and Ginny were a ship but all their fan art is adorable

‘Luna Lovegood ang Ginny Weasley’ Greeting Card by nastjastark

Harry Potter as a baby.

What Harry Potter Taught Me About Parenting.awesome read for HP fans.

Rose and Scorpius, what seems like finally succumbing to what was already there. (art by the lovely Viria)

Uhmmm I think Rose would almost always pay attention in class. But I like that Scorp is looking at her< it was said that while rose did inherit her mother's smarts, she inherited her fathers personality and appetite so this makes sense to me.

(#PotterArt by

the trio of griffindor - luna, hermione, ginny

Friends by drakonarinka Luna and Ginny

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