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ROI of white papers importance of measuring their results through a return on investment calculation.  If they don’t, this current iteration of content [...]

Will The Content Marketing Trends Continue? It Depends On Proving Your ROI

Video Many predictions were made about the future of the fast growing content marketing industry at the end of 2013. Before getting too excited about the opportunity, marketers must always remember the importance of measuring their results through a return on investment calculation. If they don’t, this current iteration of content [...]

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How to Write a White Paper That Wins Consulting Projects: Interview with Gordon Graham

[raw] [/raw] Interview Transcript: Mike Zipursky: Hi, everyone. It’s Michael Zipursky from Consulting Success®. Today, Gordon Graham, we have him on the show. He’s a white paper writer and consultant. He’s worked with Google, Oracle, Intuit among many other Fortune 500 companies. He’s interv

Marketing Lessons Learned: A 10 Year Study of Winners and Losers in High Tech Washington Software Association, Presidents Forum

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Content Marketing Trends for B2B Technology Companies in North America 2014

Content Marketing Trends for B2B Technology Companies in North America 2014

I came across this recent piece of research commissioned by Joe Pulizzi founder of the influential Content Marketing Institute. I’m…

Top 14 Marketing Tips for Technology Businesses by Christine Slocumb

How ONE MAN Changed the BELIEF of MILLIONS! - BELIEVE by Mateusz M

From breaking records and limiting beliefs to making your dreams become a reality, Mateusz M delivers an epic motivational video to help you believe in your ...

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"It's costlier, clunkier, doesn't produce the sharpest pictures--and it is the top-selling digital camera in the U.S."

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High tech and Cleantech companies usually win by building the right product to uniquely address a recognized pain in the market at the right time, and executing on this product and market strategy on a timely basis.

Marketing a new technology is vastly different than marketing a consumer product that carries little or no risk. In the risky world of high tech, the customer will not rely on the word of the provider. The customer's decision process is based on finding objective information from reliable sources, something the vendor cannot provide.

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We need more people to adopt your clean technologies and sustainable innovations. Use proven marketing techniques to capture the hearts and minds of a larger mainstream audience. Get more customers. Change the world.


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Our work stands on its own. See examples and case studies of the exceptional work we’ve done for clients across industries to help them achieve their goals.

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Metron Aviation Corporate Video

Everclear designed this video for Metron Aviation to provide a brief overview of its capabilities for use online and at trade shows.

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Era AirScene Product Video

Everclear developed a short, product overview video for Era to showcase the features and benefits of its airport operations software management platform.

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Top 10 Mistakes in High Tech Marketing

10 Reasons High-Tech Products Fail - High Tech Strategies, Inc.

High-tech companies fail for known reasons. Research over the past 25 years confirms the top 10 reasons for high-tech failure, and how to avoid them.

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Venture Capital Acceleration & Funding for Startups in Central Ohio

Our venture capital advisory team guides startups through our venture acceleration model from seed to concept & beyond. Learn about available funding options.