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7 tutoriels pour faire des bijoux en coquillages
Oyster ring dish bridesmaid gift
four small seashells are displayed in square frames on a white surface, each one with an individual's shell
nine decorative seashells are displayed on a wooden surface with gold trimming and blue, pink, white, and green designs
Scallop shell ring dish
four dragonflys painted on white porcelain dishes with gold rimmed bases and wooden box
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a hand holding a small decorative object in it's left hand, with a bird painted on it
Oyster Shell, Chickadee with Magnolia leaves, decorated shell, Ring Dish, Christmas Ornament
three decorative plates with birds and flowers painted on them, sitting side by side in the shape of seashells
Bijoux Cinnabar 3 Shell Set NZ$39 Decoupage shells
nine different types of blue and white plates with names on them, all in gold frames
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