Baby birthday brunch!

First birthday party for James
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a birthday cake with teddy bears and teapots
Teddy Bears and Candy cake
EDITOR'S CHOICE (01/27/2014) Gold and pink flourish by Viorica Dinu View details here:
two teddy bears sitting on top of a cake
Bella Cupcakes
Girl Teddy Bear Picnic Birthday-- teddy bear cake
a table with cupcakes, cakes and paper lanterns on the wall behind it
Teddy Bear Themed Birthday party by Peace of Cake
Little Big Company | The Blog: Teddy Bear Themed Birthday party by Peace of Cake
a hand holding two candy lollipops with teddy bears on them and ribbons
Teddy Graham S'more Pops
Teddy Graham Smore Pops - Charlotte and I tried this, but made some serious mistakes. First, we used straws, but the marshmallows get really heavy really quickly, so they kept falling over. We decided to just lay them on a plate. Once the chocolate set, the marshmallows were STUCK. Use heavier sticks and wax paper, and I think they will turn out fine.