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Celtic Snake Ornament

Celtic Snake Snakes were very feared and venerated by Celtic people. Many symbols which range from women’s wisdom, to knowledge, healing, fertility and renewal are attributed to snakes…

Maori Celtic Snake Tattoo by *WildSpiritWolf on deviantART

Maori Celtic Snake Tattoo by *WildSpiritWolf on deviantART. The snout is a bit short.

Odins Horns done with Faber Castell Pens and Prismacolor Markers. Original Midgard serpent concept by Viking Tattoos.Such a great idea I had to recreate it for this design

Viking dragons by ~Devilry on deviantART

Norse dragons- the bigger dragon is wrongly drawn, the coils should go under-over-under-over etc all the time! They are drawn in the Urnes-style, which is late Viking age.