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Tamara Stycharz

Tamara Stycharz
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The elegance of grey.

century patina and abandoned - Sharon Santoni. Images we like (NB. not a product of Chichi Furniture)

Tomoko Nagai | Tomio Koyama Gallery

japanese cat artists tomoko nagai creator of the gray cat plush

Love this!!! A pink TARDIS???

Wow this pink phone box is so pretty! If phone boxes can be pretty?

pastel victorian homes - Google Search  I WANT TO LIVE IN THIS HOUSE !!!! <3 <3

Not crazy about the pastel color palette but you have to admire their adventurous use of many different colors to show off architectural details. And the style of this cottage at least fits a pastel scheme.

Coral and gold - love the dresser and the striped curtains!

How pretty! Love the dresser color. V Coral & Gold bedroom - gold confetti polka dot wall.

Parisian House, pink, sea foam, mint green, roses, Paris, leaded glass, French  8" x 10"  Original Signed Fine Art Photograph. via Etsy.

Parisian House pink sea foam mint green roses by SonjaCaldwell

In my dream home, I want this piece to put all of my baking tools and sprinkles and such...

Display inspiration--if only I could paint my hutch--will do paper on the back walls! Hang pink & orange daisy garland for more color

Kochani czy pamiętacie o miętowym konkursie na blogu Lili Naturalna? Czekamy na jeszcze więcej fantastycznych i kreatywnych odpowiedzi!  http://www.lilinaturalna.com/2013/10/mietowy-konkurs.html

I love typewriters! I would much rather write with a typewriter than on any digital device. Typewriting challenges the mind and to type you must focus so you don't ruin your page. My sister has a typewriter and the writing is beautiful!

Pretty pink shells

Pretty pink shells I love seashells!

That's my summer vacay packing. I always pack way to many bags

Road trip tips for bringing your dog with you! Awesome stuff, even websites to find dog parks and pet friendly places!