Pablo Alfieri is an art director based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, which we presented for his series Playful.

Can we get a whole room filled with these light pink balloons please? How fun would it be to walk into you office if it was filled with balloons?

I love that the balloons and dress are the only non-neutral colors, and that the balloons are fun, yet the girl is just standing there. Art photography by Alex Stoddard

Andrea Galvani (2)

Photograph by Andrea Galvani of black horse with head covered by black balloons.

Andrea Galvani (1)

This poor horse! In some humane way, it might be interesting to mix animal/bubble. It could be an animal that is no longer of this earth. Surreal photo by Andrea Galvan of white horse with white balloons covering head.


joereorda: “ANDY WARHOL Silver Clouds, 1966 Silver mylar, helium, and air Dimensions variable ”

nevver:  Guilt

thekhooll: Guilt Photographer Victoria Ling specialise in producing beautifully stylish still life composition bursting with colour and geo.

Half the air in a given space by Martin Creed, 1998

Martin Creed Work No. Half the air in a given space (detail), 1998 White balloons; overall dimensions variable Installation at Galerie Analix B & L Polla, Geneva, Switzerland

Le Ballon Rouge

Le ballon rouge 1956 a 1956 fantasy featurette directed by French filmmaker Albert Lamorisse