Roxy pink whale.

Somewhat interest, I do sometimes flip like a dead whale haha Roxy Balina Longboard Skateboard - Pink at Surfboards Etc

via Resolute Woman.

Globe Bantam ST 23 inch Skateboard in Grandma at Urban Outfitters Color: red or blue Not this specific penny board any penny board will suffice.

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i learned how to long board two years ago and i fell in love with riding as soon as i learned how. me and my friends use to ride around for miles on our long boards and ill always have great memories of long boards.


Tony Alva chilling by the pool. this guy helped the idea of skating pools in the hot summers.

salemtown_board 1.jpg

Watch Nashville skateboard company Salemtown Board Co. build one-of-a-kind, solid oak skateboards by hand. Salemtown Board Co.

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