Cama casa en la playa

Tree house bed with reading nook underneath. Tree House Bed via House of Turquoise and other totally cool kids bedrooms

Interesting idea.  Could use for a fun take on listing company values.

Interesting idea using colored acrylic. Could use for a fun take on listing company values.

ny dn is a property marketing and design agency. We recently moved to the West End, the heart of our client base, and the new studio needed to match our bold aesthetic and big ambitions, and make an impression on the neighbourhood. Capitalising on our uniform graphic frontage, large lit-up ceiling signage delivers a playful take on street level branding.

Love this open office space w/ writing on the ceiling, colorful books, and the view out the window for the employees!

OP13 / PHD Architectes

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/ PHD Architectes colour Colorful Home Office Design - Black and White pins.

Notting Hill / Yunakov architects

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this is such a cool kids bed! My mom made me a bed almost like this but the bottom was a toy box. I could lift my mattress and find all my toys :o)

Student Dormitories by HVDN Architecten. When a door's detail makes all the difference in a otherwise boring corridor design. Brilliant choice of the orange color.

Amstelveen, Netherlands uilenstede, amstelveen student dormitories and services HVDN Architecten

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Yea im definitely looking towards japanese architecture. They do so much with small spaces, and I prefer a small tight place most of the time. But that hallway is so design ideas design office