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Sideswipe and  Strongarm❤❤❤

Sideswipe and Strongarm❤❤❤

Star Wars Rebels, Wren


Hux and Kylo act tough but let's face it, Phasma is the designated spider exterminator aboard the Finalizer. you’d think that two assholes who kill ppl and destroy planets would handle a spider but no they’re scared shitless smh

Sigyn, Loki's wife from Norse mythology. Art by LessienMoonstar on deviantart.

Sigyn doodles by Wendy Doodles on deviantart *dreamy sigh* Now if I could just learn to draw like this .

“I’m not some prize goat for sale-” “If you want to live to see the sun rise tomorrow you’ll say yes and be my consort. This is your only chance.” Loki x Si...

Damaged people are dangerous. Klayr 24 Cosplayer, Artist, Freak, from.

Loki and Sigyn by ~Nafah on deviantART

Here is a commission for the lovely ~depleti of her characters Loki and Sigyn, I hope you like it! The characters are from her webcomic Thistil Mis. Loki and Sigyn