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How to Refinish a Firearm (Bluing & Stock Refinish)
How to Refinish a Firearm (Bluing & Stock Refinish)


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Concealed carry

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Blaser custom


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Firearm engraved by Armin Bundschuh of Austria

Custom guns

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Flintlock Gun of Louis XIII, King of France Steel, brass, silver, gold, wood, mother-of-pearl Pierre Le Bourgeois (died 1627) French (Lisieux) ca. 1620


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F**k Yeah Friday (36 Photos)

Over unders

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HUSKEY 17 Versatile. its a shotgun, hunting rifle and a .22 all you need in the woods by jewell


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Pit Ponies worked in underground coal mines worldwide between the 1750 and 1999. When laws were passed prohibiting the use of women and small children as laborers in coal mines, the industry was in desperate need of more workers. The idea of Pit Ponies caught on in a big way by 1842, and by 1913, it is estimated that there were 70,000 Pit Ponies working in the United Kingdom alone.
In 1895, Rattlesnake Jack McINtyre moved to northern Nebraska. Jack, who also for a time, ran a traveling snake show, moved to Buffalo after Nebraska authorities took his daughter Martha away from him as a result of his allowing her to play with his pet rattlesnakes.
Conestoga Wagon. A fanciful nick-name was the 'Prairie Schooner'. Late 1800s.


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The New HFX Whisker Biscuit Rig
DIY Slingshot Arrow Firing Conversion (“Slingbow”)

Bows & sling shots

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223 Shell Casing stamped key rings by 1921Designs on Etsy, $16.00


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How to Make Gunpowder Step by Step (With Pics) | DIY Gunpowder | Frugal Gunpowder | Survival


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a knife and some black objects on a white plate
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How to Refinish a Firearm (Bluing & Stock Refinish)
the bottles are lined up in a row on the towel next to a pair of scissors
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How to Refinish a Firearm (Bluing & Stock Refinish)
a person is holding a wooden object in their hand while laying on the floor with his legs crossed
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the size and length of blue plastic tubes are shown in this diagram, which shows how long each tube is
two wooden spoons with rope wrapped around them sitting on a black table cloth next to other wood utensils
Lei O Mano Hawaiian Koa Shark Teeth Dagger and War Clubs Greeting Card by Sharon Mau
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an ornate wooden clock with gold and silver decorations
Louis Jaley | Flintlock Gun | French, Saint-Etienne | The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Derringer Pistol, Smith Wesson, Pocket Pistol
M-4 Alaskan Survival derringer pistol
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