baby alpaca.  yes, it's real.

A CUP OF JO: Baby alpaca nursery - except i want a REAL baby alpaca - not just a picture.

©Sharon Montrose_Animal Photographer 07jpg

Sharon Montrose shoots these amazing and beautiful portraits of animals, and always runs an affordable printing so you can have this adorable baby monkey running through your rooms too!

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FLAMINGO When Sharon Montrose decided to approach photography as a hobby rather than as a profession, she began taking pictures of animals, which in turn launched her career.

©Sharon Montrose_Cat Photographer_100

Looks so much like our beloved Birman "Eva", 19 years young. who passed on to the rainbow bridge Feb.

Chasing Snowflakes

Adorable baby animal portraits by Los Angeles based photographer Sharon Montrose. Animals in the photographs are all rescued/ being raised by “loving” animal keepers.