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DIY Lush Lemony Flutter inspired cuticle moisturizing cream The Makeup Dummy

Because we see the fly away hair when we walk past a mirror. Because we notice when our frenemy has gained half a pound. Because we can spot a spot from a mile away.

Make your own exfoliating Body Butter Bar recipe. Akin to Buffy by Lush!

Cocoa Butter Shea Butter Beeswax ground almond ground rice ground aduki bean Optional: Essential Oils (Lemon and Lavendar are a good mix!

Lush Copycat Buffy Bars are body butter and exfoliant!  Fun DIY

Lush Buffy Bars DIY 3 oz Shea Butter 3 oz Cocoa Butter 15 drops each lemon & lavender Essential Oils-or your favorite Essential Oils Recipes. C Ground Rice C Ground Almonds