Circle of Theodor Baierl (German 1881-1932) The Pieta Oil on wood Signed lower right 'Theodor Baierl'

Circle of Theodor Baierl (German The Pieta Oil on wood Signed lower…

Symbolismus, Symbolismus Theodor Baierl 5

Symbolismus is a private art collection focusing upon German artworks of the Symbolist school or style created between 1870 and

"Knight Approached by Death" Theodor Baierl.

Don Quixote with Death, based on 'The Knight, Death and the Devil' by Albrecht Durer oil painting by Theodor Baierl, The highest quality oil painting reproductions and great customer service!

Die Parzen

The Three Fates c. (Die Parzen) by Theodor Baierl (Germany, 1881 - :: Baierl was born in Munich and studied at the Munich Academy under Franz von Stuck Feruerstein and Habermann.