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They didn't banish me. They paid me to leave.

♀ Our Golden Alloy [EThereal] Force Fields of Ancient Primeval Melanin are Permeated by Our Highly Advanced Alkhemystic Luciferian [Lemurian] Equilibriums... from Our Inner Underworld Hi:teKingdoms of Atlantis :::ABRAKADABRAPOOOF::: Prince Satan’s Heretic Sciences be ALL Golden BlaCK MagiCK Physics ♀

mxdvs: Photography by Moisnomois WHITE TEE// MESSY BUN --USING THIN HEADBAND

Romics aprile 2015 - Photo (1) by Marco Fiorilli & (2, 3, 4,5) Matteo Rossi Model: Lis Aralin

We are thinking of making our own goggles - good thing Kian is good at this type of thing!

Steampunk Goggles - this style is so how i imagined His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman

"The wolf thought to himself, what a tender young creature. What a nice plump mouthful ..." -The Brothers Grimm, 1812 (photo by Kieran Broderick)

Witch by fdasuarez female vampire girl teen scar wizard warlock necromancer sorcerer sorceress hooded cape armor clothes clothing fashion player character npc | Create your own roleplaying game material w/ RPG Bard: www.rpgbard.com | Writing inspiration for Dungeons and Dragons DND D&D Pathfinder PFRPG Warhammer 40k Star Wars Shadowrun Call of Cthulhu Lord of the Rings LoTR + d20 fantasy science fiction scifi horror design | Not Trusty Sword art: click artwork for source

I now want a cape but to be honest who doesn't want one?!??!???<< yeah they are pretty cool :)