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Sweet Words Never Get Old

Latin and Greek sweet words ready to say to your beloved ones.
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To whom did you say today MEA VITA, my dear, my life? #love #Latin

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Today #valentinesday! Are you also inflamed with love, as ancient Romans would say? (AMORE ARDERE)

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Will you say COLUMBA, "my dove", to your beloved ones? #lovelysundays #love #Latin

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OCELLE MI! - my little eye! - do not forget to say that to those whom you #love. #Latin

Does there exist a lovlier word you could say today to the person you love? Margarita - my pearl. #Latin #love

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On such a lovely Sunday you just need to say MEUM MEL to the people you love. By that ancient Romans meant my honey.

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"Lovely Sundays" reactivation! Today, call your beloved ones MEVM LABELLVM, sugar lips.

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Say today MUS, my little mouse, to the person you love! #love #Latin

I love you! #happymothersday

To those whom you love say today "MI CINNAMOMVM", just like ancient The Romans. It means "my cinnamon, my darling".