Piotr Staroń

Piotr Staroń

Bielsko Biała, Poland / www.staronphoto.com action sports photographer
Piotr Staroń
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Minimalist Black-White Fixie Bicycle commissioned by Belgian design studio Pinkeye and designed by artist Eltipo Graphic. Glossy white + matte black, and the laser-engraved saddle matches the pattern on the handlebar grips.

 @stalesandbech | #folgefonna | : @frodesandbech

@stalesandbech | #folgefonna | : @frodesandbech

Available now for purchase is the spectacular Bike Shelf by Vadolibero. The sleek furniture piece is dedicated to urban bikers, and it has been especially designed to transform one´s bicycle into an indoor sculpture or feature piece, allowing you to

the ultimate celebration of your passion: an illuminated piece of furniture that turns your bike into a work of art

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Bike Butler is another great bicycle storage solution by Italian design studio Vadolibero, the same company behind the brilliant Bike Shelf. Bike Butler is the special assistant” for those who love to ride their bike, it features a tube-shaped base

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Keep your bike safe, sound, and mounted securely with the BikeBlock Concrete Bike Stand by urbanature. Made from solid concrete and leather, this bike moun

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BikeBlock was created for urban bike users that want to store their precious ride inside their apartment, but there never seems to be a stand that would look good enough for it. with that in mind Danish company Urbanature developed this minimalist