Starocie i powietrze

Starocie i powietrze

Starocie i powietrze
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Volvo 240 DL murdered out bomber

From humanzee ltg: “ love the old volvo’s ” that is a semi murdered out or 240 dl euro-my dad used to have an 240 gt turbo. swedespeed all the fucking way.

Type 1 old school air cooled VW patina deep dish narrowed beam wood slat roof rack window blinds overriders into rust, XBrosApparel Vintage Motor T-shirts, VW Beetle & Bug T-shirts, Great price

life on a motorcycle

Spin cycle Industries is giving one lucky bastard the opportunity to buy one of their masterpieces. This beautiful custom Yamaha is up for grabs at Spin Cycle Industries website, the previous owner Emma only put original miles on it.