Stanisław Żórawski

Stanisław Żórawski

Stanisław Żórawski
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The Lost Ossuary (with grid)

Dyson's "The Lost Ossuary" is a small dimensional rift beneath the Lobachevsky Church. Cut out of the stone beneath the church as a set of crypts and ossuaries, the Lost Ossuary displays bizarre geometries to those who would try to map it out. Email:

I like the touch of fantasy in the picture and how the building seems like a castle. I like how the bridge seems to be the only thing connecting the castle to the outside world.

Bladewater [commission] by SirInkman on DeviantArt

Black and white done in PS This is the city of Poh, in northern Nehue region, deep in the Pavahanue river valley of the lands of Nahadua. The city sits on an ancient raised plateau. One cannot trul.

Fantasy Cartography by Mike Schley at

Skullport: The Pirate infested underbelly of Waterdeep; a subterranean city filled with thieves, miscreants and other ne'er-do-wells.