Monday monday

Love that the last comment on this was "Monday monday" as if this is a growing thing to do. In fact, my reaction was a soul gasp. Loving this so, craving fresh pens & lots of paper.

Joel Penkman #JoelPenkman #art

Food paintings {egg tempera on gesso board} are the work of New Zealand born, UK based designer/artist Joel Penkman.

Leah Yerpe #charcoal #graphite #drawings

Leah Yerpe

Artist: Leah Yerpe, charcoal and graphite {hyperreal action floating cornrows female african-american black woman figurative b+w drawing} Falling ! (Looks Amazing)

#drawign #pencil #eye

Inspiring image art, beautiful, dibujo, drawing, eye by loren@ - Resolution - Find the image to your taste


Mary Klundt I think that this is an interesting concept as a graphic. I really like the collision of the lines as well as the very simple break down of the picture. It may be a little saucy, but I still think that this is an interesting take on an image.

#art #drawing #portrait

Photo-realistic drawings by Monica Lee Monika Lee, who is Malaysian, used to be a digital imaging artist for a photography studio but quit after 12 years and took up analog drawing instead, which she.

Aris Moore #ArisMoore #art #illustration #drawing

Aris Moore In some instances, Moore's work attains its strangeness from absence, as Moore builds up her portraits with outsize or lacking elements.

The Artwork of Teresa Oaxaca #drawing

New Charcoal Drawings (Drawing & Painting Journal)