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Rose and the Doctor. Together.

kilodalton: “ Make me choose between 2 things: badwolfrun asked: Nine/Rose or Ten/Rose? fadewithfury asked: the way Nine looks at Rose or the way Tentoo looks at Rose?

dont skip nine yall

Jack's just like "Are you freaking kidding me, Doctor?" but Rose is like, "They would be terrible last words.

Tooth and claw

Love this 'cause there's a werewolf running loose and they're just trying to get the queen to say "I'm not amused.

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And this is just after he called happy crying "humany wumany." The Ponds make him more human than he thought that he could be.

Girls Night!

All the ladies. So much sass in one TARDIS.I was going to say the only thing better would be adding Captain Jack, but that much sass would break the TARDIS.<<< imagine putting the doctor in as well. That much sass might make the Tardis explode ;

She is so spot on with her description about you being sad that "the beast" is gone!

Billie on Journey's End -- THIS IS EXACTLY HOW I FEEL except Rose cannot still be in love with the Doctor, as in Eleventh Doctor. nopity nope nope nope Eleven is for Clara. I'd even take Eleven/River over Eleven/Rose.